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About Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a complex, nuanced and often misunderstood issue that affects people, places, communities, and the economy.

A lack of affordable housing creates a severe cost burden on low-income and moderate-income residents, creating environments of housing instability and forcing households to make tough choices between rent and groceries, transportation, clothing, utilities, and other necessities. The domino effect of cost-burdened residents has the potential to negatively impact almost every aspect of a household and a community, including education, workforce and economic development, health and wellness, and civic engagement.

Affordable housing is defined by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development as “Housing for which the occupants are paying no more than 30% of his or her income for gross housing costs.”


To understand more about Nevada’s shortfall of affordable housing, the Nevada Housing Coalition has assembled some resources from other organizations.

Engagement is core strategy of the Nevada Housing Coalition in 2019. The Coalition will issue alerts and updates as to how you can testify and engage in the legislature and have your voice heard as a supporter of expanding affordable housing in Nevada.

Be sure to follow the Nevada Housing Coalition on social media for updates.

Promoting & Advancing Affordable Housing for Nevada

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Our Mission

Creating sustainable solutions through community awareness, capacity building, and advocacy to ensure housing options for all Nevadans


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