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Promoting & Advancing Affordable Housing for Nevada

About the Nevada Housing Coalition

Affordable Housing in Nevada

Every state in the U.S. lacks a sufficient supply of affordable housing for the lowest income residents, but Nevadans, more than any other state population, face the greatest challenge in finding affordable and available homes. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, there are only 15 affordable and available rental homes for every 100 extremely low-income renter households in the Nevada; homeownership cost burdens are also a major concern to a growing share of residents. On any given day, there are more than 6,000 homeless individuals in Nevada, with thousands more in unstable housing.


Community Benefits

Communities thrive when people have access to stable, high quality, affordable housing. Pathways to economic mobility become achievable as education, health outcomes, safety rates, and overall engagement improve. Neighborhoods and communities become stronger and more secure. In short, everyone benefits. The Nevada Housing Coalition is committed to raising awareness and building the capacity of our communities to create high-quality, dignified, and attainable housing for all Nevadans.

Working Toward Solutions

The purpose of the Coalition is to develop strategies and goals to address Nevada’s affordable housing shortfall through community action and policy changes.We bring together stakeholders, community leaders and the private sector to collaboratively address the shortfall of affordable housing in the state and advance solutions for stable, affordable housing solutions for workers, families, seniors, and other vulnerable populations.Together, we will advance solutions to ensure that every Nevadan has a safe, stable place to call home.

Christine Hess, Executive Director

Nevada Housing Coalition Selects Executive Director -  NHC Press Release 2020-03.pdf 
The Coalition is ready to increase its visibility and efforts to collaborate for affordable housing solutions in Nevada.

Board of Directors

The Nevada Housing Coalition’s founding board is comprised of industry experts in both the private and public sectors
These individuals  are dedicated to the expansion of affordable housing solutions in our state.

  • Chairman:  Bill Brewer, Nevada Rural Housing Authority (Carson City)
  • Vice-Chairman: Mike Shohet, Compass Development (Las Vegas)
  • Secretary: Elaina Mule, Charles Schwab Bank (Las Vegas)
  • Treasurer: Eric Novak, Praxis Consulting (Reno)
Board Members:
  • Lisa Corrado, City of Henderson (Henderson)
  • Nancy Hamilton, Wells Fargo (Reno)
  • Pat Petrie, City of Las Vegas (Las Vegas)
  • Rae Lathrop, Southern Nevada Strong (Las Vegas)
  • Mae Worthey-Thomas, Nevada Housing Division (Las Vegas)
  • Audra Hamernik, Nevada HAND (Las Vegas)

Our Mission

Creating sustainable solutions through community awareness, capacity building, and advocacy to ensure housing options for all Nevadans


P.O. Box 97801 | Las Vegas, NV 89193-7801

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